5 Tips for Shopping Tea Collection on a Budget + Promo Code

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In my last post, I gave you the definitive list of all the reasons I devote most of my children's clothing budget to Tea Collection, but what I didn't tell you is that I NEVER PAY RETAIL for Tea. There is no need to. Read on to find out how I make it affordable for my family. 

1. Shop BST groups on Facebook. My children don't need brand new clothing, just new-to-them clothing in their ever-changing sizes because of their ever-growing bodies. Luckily, there are plenty of parents out there who love to buy their kids Tea clothing, take really good care of it, and resell at a decent price. Tea clothing is generally high-quality and certain pieces last longer than others. Many parents wash on cold and line dry to keep the clothing looking new for the purpose of reselling. 

Best deals: I scored 5 pairs of gently used pants for Paloma ranging from leggings to moto pants to cargo pants for $25 including shipping! For Hunter, last week I got 7 graphic tees for $35 including shipping. Most of the styles were ones I had really wanted to get Hunter from their Italy collection back in 2016.

2. Think of it as an investment. If you know you are going to resell or pass on the clothing to a younger child or niece or nephew, then the cost isn't so bad if you think of cost-per-wear. If it's more important for you to have a smaller wardrobe for your child with carefully selected, ethically made clothing, then Tea is a great option.

Furthermore, if you're clairvoyant and can predict which pieces will just take off like crazy, you could end up reselling for more than retail! That happened with the Balla dress from the Italy collection, which retailed for $49. I read on a BST group that it went up to $100 resale at one point. Crazy, right???

Best deal: Since the graphic tees are pricier than what you're used to paying at a big box store, make the short-sleeve ones last all year long by adding a plain, fitted long-sleeve tee for layering underneath. If you buy 2-3 in grey, navy, or black, your child can get away with wearing them a few days in a row before grabbing a fresh one, while the graphic tee changes daily. (Tea's version are called "Purity tees." This one with raglan sleeves is in the girls' section. This version with elasticated sleeves at the wrists is in the boys' section.)

3. Choose your pieces wisely. My children are messy eaters and play on their knees a lot, so I tend to stay away from light colored tops and printed pants (the knees fade quickly). Even still, once those knees become too faded or get a hole, I just turn them into cutoff shorts. Definitely also beware that some of Tea's printed fabrics don't hold up as well in general, so I am pretty choosy about those. Instead I buy...
  • graphic tees in heather grey, navy blue, teal, red, orange, and occasionally green.
  • Playwear pants, or any other pants with reinforced knee, in solid, dark colors.
  • shirts or dresses in printed material with any background except black or dark blue.

4. Check consignment shops, Amazon, and Nordstrom Rack. I've even found some Tea at thrift stores. I've also found that the BST groups are good for alerting you when Tea is on sale at Amazon.

Best deal: Last year I got Paloma a 4-piece set (jacket, tee, top, and pants) for $18 on Amazon.

5. Shop with promo codes and during sales (especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Promo codes pop up often and "new arrivals" eventually go on sale, plus the end of the season is a good time to stock up for the following year, so there is no need to pay retail prices.

Best deal: I got Playwear pants for $15 each (normally $29). These things last forever. Even when Hunter wears a hole in the knee, there is a second layer behind it, so no skin shows and you hardly even notice the hole. 

Speaking of promo codes: Queso Suizo readers get 20% off with code QUESOSUIZO20 from now until 6/22/2018. Enjoy!

Outfit details: Paloma wears the Plaid Easy Fit Top (on sale) and the Easy Knit Pants. Hunter wears a shirt from a past season I got via Facebook (similar), but the shorts are Playwear shorts.

Promo code fine print: Enter code QUESOSUIZO20 to receive 20% off your order at TeaCollection.com. Offer valid from 6/18/2018 through 6/22/2018 at 11:59 PM PT. Does not apply to Patagonia, Livie & Luca or Saltwater. Excludes global shop. Discount taken will be pre-tax. Cannot be combined with other promotions. No adjustments on previous purchases. Not redeemable for cash. Cannot be used towards the purchase of gift cards. Cannot be used towards the purchase of Everyday Play Sets. Limited to stock on hand.

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