6 Reasons Why I Love Tea Collection

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You've heard me wax poetic about Tea Collection before, but since my love runs deep, here is a definitive list of all the ways I love Tea. (And scroll all the way down for a giveaway!)

1. They give back. Twice a year they offer school fundraiser opportunties (our school raised $200 this year!), a portion of every sale goes to the Global Fund for Children, and 100% of proceeds from the Little Citizens of the World shop goes to the GFC. Read all about it here

2. They also have a conscience when it comes to manufacturing. They work with smaller, family-owned factories and have developed close relationships with those factories over the last several years. Read about it here.

3. The clothes hold their value. I have 5 words for you (I guess technically 8 words): The wonderful world of BST! I recently sold around a dozen gently used pieces for $115. I've seen used T-shirts going for $15 at times. Crazy! But if you're willing to wash on cold, line dry, and take the time to post on Facebook, you can easily make back some money to put toward your child's next size! ;)

4. They design kid-friendly clothing. What I mean is no denim pants! They design pieces that kids can actually move in. I love the playwear pants for both Hunter and Paloma. (Find them in the boys section.) They have a reinforced knee, so when Hunter tears a hole in the first layer, I don't rush to put on a patch since you can't see through to his skin because of the second layer. As for Paloma, she is really independent with pottying, and looser fitting pants are much easier to push down and pull up than leggings. 

5. They inspire us to view life with a global perspective. Every season's collection is inspired by a different destination, with the website often sharing information about the region's food, customs, animals, geography and more. Lately they have also been partnering with local artists to create unique prints and graphics. Tea even inspired me to start my Making the Foreign Familiar Series

6. They offer excellent customer care. Not only have I had a great experience returning items (everything from not my favorite color to poor fit to small defects), Tea actually listens to its customers! Recently, some of their followers on Instagram pointed out how silly it is that PJs are gender specific, specifically the outer space PJs were in the boys' section and not in the girls'. In response, Tea changed their website to show all styles of PJs in both the boys and girls sections. Along those lines, they now have a "tee shop" so you can shop all graphic tees in one spot without them being gender specific. I also wrote an email requesting functioning drawstrings in the swim shorts a few seasons ago, and other parents must have requested the same because they changed it the following year!

If I've convinced you to give Tea a try, now's a good time because their Memorial Day Sale is currently going on! Enter code BBQ25 during checkout to receive 25% off your order at TeaCollection.com. Offer expires on 5/29/2018 at 11:59pm PT. Discount taken will be pretax. Cannot be used toward the purchase of third party items, Global Archive products or Every Day Play Sets. No adjustments on previous purchases. Not redeemable for cash. Limited to stock on hand.

P.S. While you're here, why not enter my giveaway (courtesy of Tea Collection) for a $50 gift card code to spend at Tea Collection!
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  1. ummm wesley and i just checked out their website and he's in looove with the dinosaur tshirt. crossing my fingers!!

    1. Aw, yay! I do the same with my kids. We look at all the graphic tees and they just say over and over, "I want that one and that one and that one..." Hunter has so many of their shark shirts!!

  2. I love any of the wrap neck dresses, the collage & panda tees. My son would love the octo luchadore.

  3. Many of the same reasons I love Tea! Plus, with 5 kids I know that the stuff I buy my oldest two will last for lots more wear with the littles.

    1. High five, Stef! Yes, such a good point about being able to pass down to the youngers whatever your older two wear. I am saving my son's graphic tees for my daughter! (Not pants, though, because he wears them out!)

  4. Thank you so much for this giveaway. What a great company! I have always loved the clothes your little ones have in their photos, great quality and they look so comfy ��
    Thank you ��

  5. Aww, these are so cute! I would love some new clothes for Jackson because he’s going to kindergarten this fall! (Whaa! ��)

  6. Their graphic tees are adorable! I especially liked the puffer fish and the jazz cat. ❤️❤️


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