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I have been following M.Gemi on Instagram for a while now and have been dreaming about buying a pair of their shoes ever since.  I worried about not getting the right fit, but they offer free shipping both ways, so I took the plunge. (It also helped that I sold some things from my closet to finance the purchase.)

How about those white sneakers? They have to be the most chic, luxurious, best made white sneakers I have ever owned. If you haven't checked out their beautiful shoes made in Italy (at the same artisan factories where high-end designers send their shoes to be made), click on this referral link, good for $25 off your first purchase.

For the price, which thankfully is not marked up just because a designer label is stamped inside, I think you will find the shoes are a great value. Every Monday, M.Gemi releases a new style, and batches are limited and some styles sell out very quickly, but it's the opposite of fast fashion. These are shoes you will want to treasure forever ;)

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhmannnnnnnnn.....I was scrolling through the shoes and I was like "if they have a mule i'm buying it" and then they did. but then I remembered I was in spain and bought like 7 pairs of shoes and my wallet is crying and now i'm crying. but i'm keeping those in mind!


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