Paloma at 9 Months

Paloma's 9th month has been the most amazing month! I have seen her grow and change so much  it just amazes me the development babies go through in the first year of life. Very soon after the 8-months mark, Paloma started waving hello and goodbye. She also started eating more food. Teething (I can see a top tooth coming in) has caused some stress in the breastfeeding department (biting), so she is not nursing as often and my supply has changed, for sure. I was a bit sad about it at first, but now I see that she is just moving toward more independence, so that just means less mommy's milk and more yummy finger foods.

Halfway through her 9th month she started crawling! It has been so fun to watch her discover the doors her new skill has opened for her. One of those doors is playtime with brother. They can really play together now, which is so sweet. I love how one day she was moving across the rug at a snail's pace and then the next day she was crawling all over the house!

Finally, she has developed the silliest personality. She will tilt her head from side to side with the biggest grin on her face until you imitate her. Now that she has crawling out of her way, the next skill she is working on is pulling herself up to standing. She hasn't quite got that figured out yet (makes it to her knees, then stops), but she is getting there.

P.S. Experimenting with bows and headbands... I discovered that I suck at tying bows and Paloma's hair is so out of control that headbands don't really work. Better stick to hair clips!

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