Paloma at 10 Months

During Paloma's 10th month, she continued to crawl all over the place and explore the world around her. She is so curious about things, especially trees and doggies. She points at everything. Although she sprouted another tooth (and a half -- the 4th one is not quite out all the way) and she is eating more finger foods, this girl is generally not that interested in eating -- she'd rather be exploring. She even discovered that if she has an object that she would like to take with her from one room to the next she can do so by carrying it in her mouth with her while she crawls. It's certainly a sight!

The day she turned 10 months was the day she decided to pull herself to standing while holding on to furniture. At her 9-month well check, one of the doctors (we see two at each appointment: a resident or med student and the attending doctor) said she was a little behind in the gross motor skills department because she wasn't standing yet. I hate when they do that, say your child is "behind" because the child does not exactly follow their special pediatrician's timeline. I was not concerned at all and knew she would stand up when she was good and ready. Sure enough, now that's all she wants to do. 

We love this baby girl to pieces!

I attempted to take some photos of Paloma with the wooden blocks spelling out "10 months" but she was kind of a sweaty mess...

Look at my two babies at 10 months old!

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  1. oh my gosh, they are like twins at 10 months! she's so beautiful, love her two bottom teeth :D


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