New Month's Resolutions: March

So far, I am liking the month of March. Yeah! February was kind of a throw-away month, but I will get to that later. I did, however, accomplish some things of note. I finally went through all my boxes of books I have been holding on to since college (and moving from place to place). I weeded out the ones I knew I would never read again, and the ones I kept, I put them on an actual bookshelf. So now our bookshelf actually has books on it. And I organized them by rainbow colors! I also got some inspiration from this post and created a cleaning schedule for myself. I am already a day behind (typical), but I WILL catch up! I started getting myself ready for the day before Isaiah leaves for work instead of after dropping off Hunter at school. It helps with time management and ensures I get a shower. I have some direction now, with regard to writing, so now I just need to write. I backed up my computer... what else? Basically, I checked off some things that I have had on a long to-do list for a while now.

So why was it a throw-away month? Well, I didn't actually get to any of my February goals. I started an exercise plan to heal my DR, but I only lasted two weeks and got lazy. I am still a hot mess mom with not much patience for Hunter. I didn't even try to do better. And finally, I didn't even crack open the journal I kept during Paloma's pregnancy. (I was supposed to add her birth story.) I am going to blame it on the fact that within a period of two weeks we had decided to move an hour and a half away for a new job, and then we changed our minds. I had to cancel movers, change of address with USPS, and our new lease. Plus, Isaiah had to retract his resignation and ask our landlord if we could stay. What a mess. As it turns out, San Diego is not where we want to end up forever, but we aren't really exactly sure where it is that we do want to end up. Isaiah has been applying to new jobs on and off for a while now, and when this opportunity came up, we jumped at it without really thinking carefully about how our list had more cons than pros. We have decided to take a break from looking for ways to leave San Diego (i.e. job hunting) for around 6 months, and I can already tell that we are making the most of being in this beautiful city. 

As for March, it's actually off to a good start. I joined Lindsey and signed up for a present mind mama challenge thing. My house is sort of clean. I have been doing my exercises. And I WON an electric bike from the electric bike expo we went to over the weekend. How amazing is that??

March goals:

Read, read, read. I have decided I want to write a YA novel (ha!), so I have checked out a couple of YA novels from the library for inspiration and research. (Also, finish the pregnancy journal for goodness' sake!)

Do core strengthening exercises daily. I have the plan all outlined, now I just need to focus on it. It's the Tupler Technique 15 minute workout, so it's totally manageable. I am determined to heal my DR. Also, add in some walking around the neighborhood.

Be a better mami to Hunter. Stick to the cleaning plan, completing all tasks while Hunter is at school so that I can be present and with him when I pick him up. Also, stick to the present mind mama challenge thing. It's only a week long. I can do it!

Here's to a fabulous month!

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  1. Good luck with goals!!
    I'll follow your core strengthening progress! I want to work this out too because I can't bear my little flabby belly anymore... but planks nor crunches seem to work on it :(

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bouquinette! Do you also have diastasis recti?

  2. Good luck with your goals!! I like the rainbow color coding, looks great!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am pretty pleased with the rainbow colors. It's funny, I thought I had a lot of books, but they all pretty much fit on these two shelves. Someday I want walls and walls of rainbow books!

  3. Your books are so gorgeous arranged in color order! Good luck with your goals this month!

  4. Good Luck..
    Good set of goals.. I have been making and getting too lazy for so many of my goals.. need to keep focus!

    1. Thanks! I was the same way, losing focus all the time, but honestly, writing up my goals and posting them so publicly on my blog has really helped!


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