A Conscious Mother's Day

When I think of Mother's Day I think of two things: celebrating motherhood and pampering mothers. As I mentioned last year, there is no celebrating me without celebrating my son, and I think moms should be a little selfish that day, for sure, but I think it's also important to be conscious consumers that day in order to show Mother Earth some love and working mothers around the world (e.g. moms who work in factories) some respect.

Here are some ideas for a more conscious May 11...

1. Visit a garden as a family. Gather ideas for creating a drought-tolerant home garden or pick up seeds for plants that support butterfly populations.
2. Make cards or do a family craft using upcycled materials. Reuse illustrations or lettering from old cards as well as envelopes that haven't been written on. 
3. Stop at the farmers' market to gather local, organic ingredients and then cook a vegetarian meal for your favorite mama while she relaxes, indulging in her favorite blog/magazine/TV show.

1. Pajamas -- Nothing says "relaxing day" like a perfect pair of lounge pants. Try these pants from Punjammies or this set from Gaiam, both Fair Trade.
2. Jewelry -- A personalized locket necklace with baby's stats, like this one from JULIAN & Co., is a gift any mom would be sure to treasure forever. (Made in USA.)
3. Nail Polish -- If a mom in your life likes manicures, a gift certificate for a manicure at an eco-friendly salon is always a winner. If she's like me, though, and prefers to do her own manicures, splurge on a non-toxic polish like this one by Acquarella.
4. Sea sponge -- Replace that tattered washcloth with a luxurious sea sponge, which divers harvest using sustainable practices.

What are you doing for your mom this Mother's Day?

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