Paxley Sunglasses Review

I'd had my eye on these sunglasses for Hunter for a long while when you wouldn't believe my awesome luck. I was reading one of my favorite blogs and saw they were giving away two pairs. Naturally I entered the giveaway, and well, I won!

My first impression when they arrived was that they looked and felt so baby-friendly. From the online photos, they kind of just look like stylish adult glasses in miniature, but these glasses are definitely constructed with small children in mind. The frames are super flexible. I even sat on them by accident (with them in my back pocket), and they were fine. They don't have any actual hinges, so there's nothing to pinch a child's skin. Plus, the nose piece doesn't sit on the top of the bridge of Hunter's small nose, but rather rests more on the sides of his nose. They don't leave any marks, and best of all, he actually keeps them on! Read more about their safety features here.

Thanks to Coos and Ahhs for hosting such an awesome giveaway and to Paxley for sponsoring it!

(By the way no one asked me to review the glasses -- I just wanted to share the awesomeness.)


  1. cool glasses! cool kid! cool pictures!! love, love, love!!!

  2. Every single time I click on your blog, it's like cuteness overload!


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