Last Minute Gift Idea: DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

First-time mom story: After giving birth to Hunter last year, I struggled a bit with breastfeeding and Hunter was dropping too much weight, so doctors had us stay in the hospital for a few days. One afternoon, my family asked if they could bring me anything, and I asked for a fashion magazine. What I should have asked for was a candy bar because I did not crack open that December 2012 issue of Vogue even once. In fact, I didn't get to read that magazine until six (!) months later during our camping trip to Lake Tahoe (because no, I do not let a Vogue go to waste). While reading that issue, I came across a fancy recipe for hot chocolate, and I said to myself, this would make a great recipe for a DIY hot chocolate kit. So here it is!

The great thing about a DIY hot chocolate kit is that you can make it as budget-friendly or as indulgent as you want. Go all out with organic and Fair Trade ingredients or make it easy-peasy with Kraft mini marshmallows.

For these kits I typed out recipe cards (printed on matte photo paper, which I prefer over cardstock) for homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate. I pre-measured powdered sugar (recommend: Wholesome Sweeteners) and baking cocoa (recommend: Equal Exchange) and placed them in tiny plastic treat bags. Then, I prepared a batch of homemade marshmallows, cut them into minis, and placed a dozen or so in each treat bag. I arranged all items inside a mason jar (Made in USA) along with a Green and Black's Fair Trade chocolate bar. I tied some tulle around the rim and attached these printable gift tags by Amy Moss for Oh Happy Day! and ta da! If I had been on top of things a bit more, I would have bought some mason jars with handles, but oh well. Enjoy!

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