First Birthday Party: Farm or Barnyard Theme Menu

Food Tent Cards by Three Little Monkeys Studio
I enlisted the help of Grandma and Grandpa Wallis (my mom and stepdad) as well as my sister to help out with the food, so first, a big thanks to them!!

Here is what we served at Hunter's party:

Cheese "Degustation"
Sample five different unmarked cheeses. Number sheet 1-5 and guess the name of each cheese. We offered Manchego, Gruyere, Jarlsberg, Cheddar, and Gouda. This was more for the adults, and I am kind of disappointed that more people didn't participate. Maybe living in Switzerland made us cheese snobs (OK, it did).

"Rabbit Food"
Arrange veggie sticks in cups (candy cups form Michael's). Serve with hummus.

"Chicken Coop"
My mom made these deviled eggs that look like little chicks. She cut up black olives for the eyes and carrots for the beak. How cute is that? (Idea from here.)

Grandpa Wallis's Chili
The main dish was my stepdad's "signature" chili that he loves to make, and which he lovingly served to our guests. 

Caesar Salad
I so wanted to make little "stand-up" salad bundles like the ones I saw here, but I could not get the darn green onions to tie. Some things you've just got to let go when you're doing them an hour before the party starts ;)

"Silo" Wraps
We served vegan, veggie, gluten-free, and turkey options. Easy to make and so much tastier than store-bought. Sample assembly: Pre-cook mushrooms, zucchini strips (thinly sliced length-wise), and radicchio in coconut oil. Spread plain hummus over spinach gluten-free tortilla (Rudi's Bakery). Arrange a radicchio leaf with some mushrooms on top and two slices of zucchini. Roll up the wrap, and slice! (Idea from here.)

"Chicken Feed"
I wanted to serve a gluten-free grain, so I went with quinoa. I sauteed celery in some coconut oil, and then tossed it with raisins and cooked quinoa. For the dressing I mixed orange juice (1/2 orange), lemon juice (whole lemon), mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

"Horse Treats"
Sliced green apples (drizzled with lemon juice to keep from browning) with paleo "caramel" dip. (The only thing I did differently is soak the dates overnight before removing the pit and processing them with the other ingredients.) Oh my goodness, that dip is the best dip ever. Better than actual caramel.

"Hay Bales"
These are healthy rice crisp treats made with brown rice cereal, brown rice syrup, coconut oil, and almond butter. (Based on this recipe with some omissions and substitutions.)

"Cow Pies"
These gooey candies are made with vegan carob chips, almond milk, dates, and coconut chips. (Based on this recipe, and I left out the almond slivers.)

I maybe had a little too much fun planning this menu. Can you tell? ;)


  1. whoaaaaa you rock!!!!! those little chickens are seriously the cutest thing ever! what a lucky boy. and happy belated birthday to your precious one, isn't it such a bittersweet day?!

  2. So I made the little chicks again for my neighbor's 65th birthday yesterday and I could not believe how excited and happy he was over them. Seriously, he could not stop talking about them.


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