Christmas Fun!

our humble little tree, and the boy on Christmas morning playing with his toy from Tia L and Uncle R
We did not go crazy with gifts for Hunter this Christmas because he got pretty spoiled just a couple of weeks ago for his birthday. Everyone keeps telling me that it's OK for now because he doesn't know any better, but that later it will not fly. But really, we don't want to raise him thinking that Christmas is all about the presents. (How do we do that?) We had such a lovely day spending time with family. Watching him be a ham with his grandparents, Tia L, Uncle R, my aunts, and cousins was just so special.

When the boy is old enough to get it, I want to encourage the "Want, Need, Wear, Read" rule for Christmas wish lists. Have you heard of this? WANT: This little guy is not walking yet, but he loves to stand and push boxes around the room, so we got him a big dump truck he could push around. He also loves playing with small toy cars, so as a little something extra special, Isaiah designed and handcrafted a wooden toy car for him made of maple and ebony. NEED: Babies always need jammies, so I got him some from Hanna Andersson. WEAR: My mom got him a couple of cute outfits, some jeans, and she even sewed him a collared shirt! READ: From us and some friends, he got several new board books. (Oh yeah, and thanks to my aunt and uncle, when it comes to MEGA BLOKS, he is set for life.)

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! xoxo


  1. Mandy, great family picture. He looks so happy with his toys. See you soon.

  2. aww Amanda he is adorable! and such a beautiful picture of you and family!
    Beli is just understanding the concept of Santa so she wrote a letter to him and was anxiously waiting up for him with cookies, a glass of milk and carrots for the endearing to see her innocence! She finally feel asleep.

    1. that is so sweet! I am looking forward to that with Hunter!

  3. Aw, too cute. Hope you have a lovely New Year!

  4. oh my gosh you guys are so cute!! i just want to plop wesley with hunter and they can do their toddler grown up thing together, he is so cute!! i hope you guys had a great xmas and new years! I'm back to life from vacationing in the US...oh my word, jet leg toddlers are NOT FUN!

  5. That is such a good rule! Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas! Happy New Year :)


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