Twelve Months

I'm writing this on the day before Hunter turns 13 months, so the last day he is still a 12-month-old. This will be the last of the monthly-update-type posts, but not the last you'll read of my boy. I have a couple months of catching up to do since the update is usually all the happenings from the previous month, but I lagged around the holidays.

During Hunter's 12th month he started saying ball and dog. Not mama or dada. Nope. At first I didn't believe he was saying those words, especially since I can't ever recall saying them much to him myself, but a couple of family friends swore they heard him say them. So I listened. And sure enough he pointed to the ball and said ball and pointed to the dog and said dog. Then all of a sudden he stopped.

On the day of his birthday party we all noticed him do a new thing for the camera. He's always been aware of me photographing him, but now when you tell him to smile or say cheese, he scrunches up his nose and gives a big toothy grin! Love it.

Still no walking, but he's been standing a lot and he seems really proud of it. His new favorite fruit is kiwi and he continues to devour meat: fish, chicken, beef, pork, whatever, he loves it. During his 13th month he also started making "sound effects" while playing. He makes noises for his toy cars, "mroom, mroom" and animals. Too cute! Also, he loves his papa! In the evenings on our way home in the car, I will ask him, "What are you going to tell papa when we get home?" and he answers back in his little gibberish talk. He goes on an on. Then, when he actually sees his dad, he reaches for him and gets all giddy. Melts my heart.

P.S. Happy New Year, friends!!!

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  1. from now and on, it gets REAL! wesley started walking around the 1st bday...just up and did it...randomly! and everyday its like he does all these new things that i have no idea where he gets them? like last night i had candles lit at dinner and he just starts blowing in their direction to blow them out! my sister in law said she showed him once at xmas but he didn't respond to is CRAZY how much they start soaking up right now!


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