The New Central Library, San Diego

I could spend hours in a library. You? Find a quiet corner and browse magazines. See what's new. Flip through picture books in the children's section. I like bookstores, too, and owning books. But libraries are great because you can borrow books for free! And they smell like old books. But this new library that opened up about a month ago in downtown San Diego is super! I could spend all day there. They have a small art gallery and sculpture garden. The lobby is just breathtaking. Several artists contributed works to the library, including Roy McMakin who took found furniture from driving around San Diego and painted them blue, and the pieces are just so fun that I kind of want blue furniture in my living room! Are the main libraries this cool where you live?

P.S. If you have never been to San Diego, and the awesome weather and beaches are not enough to lure you here, maybe this library will change your mind. It's an awesome place for both locals and tourists alike.


  1. I would love to visit it next time I'm in San Diego.

  2. Love, love, love libraries too, Amanda! And this one is amazing! It looks like you and your beautiful fam had a grand ole time.
    xoxox, Lar

    1. Thanks, Lar! Although, my days of spending hours alone in a library are far and few between. Babies don't care for libraries all that much ;)


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