10 Months

This little man melts my heart. I just love discovering all the ways of his personality. Oh, and folks, we have a screamer. I want food. Scream. I am done with my food. Scream. How am I ever going to teach this boy manners? We've started signing "please" and "all done" more and more this week, but gosh do I wish I had started when he was six months old...

He can crawl at lighting speed and still loves to pull himself to standing. He can also shake his bootay, especially to this Pocoyo Ganga [sic] Style video. Two more teeth on the bottom are starting to emerge, which will make a grand total of 8! He smiles from ear to ear when he sees momma and poppa smooch. He lights up when either one of us walks into the room but has started making a shy face when he sees abuelita (my mom), even though he knows her. It's so cute. He really understands "no!" because that bottom lip quivers when we say it. Is it mean that I also think that is cute?

P.S. This outfit is by Mabo. Made in USA.

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