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I love a good children's picture book. Not just because I am a parent or a teacher. Sometimes the artwork is just amazing and the story says so much in such few words. I have been going to the library a lot lately and have come across some books that I would give to grown-ups as gifts, or gifts for kids, but mostly for their parents because they are the ones who read the books anyway (when the babes are little). I don't know about you, but if I am going to have to read a book to my child over and over again, it'd better be a good one.

Here's a good book for people who...

-just love babies (ahem, me, always have) but would appreciate an alternative to Anne Geddes: When My Baby Dreams by Adele Enerson (also check out these photos by another artist/photographer with the same concept).
-are into graphic design: Follow the Line by Laura Ljungkvist. (Another good one, that's also an oldie, is Henri's Walk to Paris by Saul Bass.)
-love Jesus. Katherine Paterson's beautiful take on a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi: Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
-know their art history: Magritte's Marvelous Hat by D.B. Johnson.
-dig Cold War history: The Wall by Peter Sis.
-are Goodnight Moon haters (ahem, Isaiah): Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex
-have a baby with a massive cowlick (that's Hunter, for sure): Cowlick! by Christin Ditchfield
-have a soft spot for Cali: Our California by Pam Munoz Ryan.
-are Francophiles: Everybody Bonjours! by Leslie Kimmelman.
-practice attachment parenting: I Will Hold You 'Til You Sleep by Linda Zuckerman.

What are your favorite picture books?

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