Baby Jeans

Since birth, Hunter has mostly been wearing one-piece footie outfits with a zipper. They're cute and they're just EASIER. But, now I'm trying to put together actual outfits for him, like a shirt with pants. The problem is, his cloth diapers are so bulky, I have to put him in pants that are a wee bit too big for him.

Unfortunately, the stretchy ones end up looking all grandpa-style on him (i.e. hiked up to his chest). The cords and chino-style ones are too long in the leg (not so bad because they can be easily cuffed) and still too tight in the crotch. Enter Project Pomona. I have not invested in a pair yet, but aren't they so cute? Maybe I'll win a pair!

Project Pomona started out of a mother's desire to clothe her baby in jeans that actually fit over cloth diapers. Perfect! Plus, they are made in USA!

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  1. I think Zara and Carters have the best baby jeans. I always buy big and cuff them!


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