The Most Awesome Hand Puppets Ever!

When I was teaching third grade, I used to always stop and look at the children's book section at museum gift shops. Now that I'm a mom, I look at the toy section! Not that Hunter plays with toys yet, though someone told me today that a toy is anything that captures a child's attention. Well, in that case, Hunter's favorite toy is the ceiling fan. 

Anyway, when we visited the Getty Museum last month, that Snowy Owl Hand Puppet caught our attention. Once at the puppet company's website, I also found this cutie pie baby sea otter, which happens to be my favorite animal. Hands down. Being a mom certainly has me looking at the world with new eyes. A child's eyes ;)

A little conversation this evening with my husband.

Me: (Browsing the Folkmanis website) Is there anything cuter than a baby sea otter?
Isaiah: Yes. My son.
Me: Agreed.

And just to keep the Swissness of this blog going, don't you love that Bernese Mountain Dog? I didn't grow up with hand puppets, but I hope Hunter does. Did you play with hand puppets growing up?

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