Boob Design: Spring Dresses

Oh, breastfeeding. It has been quite a journey, thus far. Some kinks to smooth out, but I'll save that for another time. What I want to talk about now is breastfeeding-friendly clothing.

Although I've found a solution for turning any of the tops in my wardrobe into a nursing top (more on that later), the same can't really be done for dresses. If I want easy access to the boob while wearing a dress, then I would need to buy nursing dresses.

With spring around the corner, it's a dress that I want to throw on in the morning, not jeans and a tank and a shirt. I would love any one of these lovelies from BoobDesign! (All photos from For nursing access, just lift the flap under the bust and go for it!

Nursing dress Bianca
Fun and flirty!
Nursing dress Cookie
Great color, versatile and easy to wear!
Nursing dress Simone
You know me and anything nautical -- SWOON!

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