The First Four Weeks

Some notes and then a photo dump...
  • Because Hunter was a couple weeks early, he was extra sleepy those first few days. He did not want to wake up to eat! We stayed in the hospital 3 nights after our boy was born because he had lost 10% of his birth weight. The staff had us worried sick and feeding him with syringes (2 feedings with formula and the rest with pumped breast milk once we discovered my good milk supply).
  • We were at the pediatrician every few days our first week home for weight checks. Finally, force feeding him around the clock worked, and he was back at his birth weight by day 10.
  • He has a very strong neck. I've never worried about wobbly baby neck with him.
  • He has very strong legs. Boy kicks away from me when he's had enough to eat.
  • During tummy time, he will sometimes kick until he rolls over onto his back.
  • He smiles!!!
  • He loves listening to music. It calms him to sleep. Most of the time.
  • If anyone wants to make a recording of a hair dryer and send it my way, I would be forever grateful. And it would play on repeat. This sound calms him to sleep. Almost every time.
  • We can't get him to sleep alone in his bassinet. He wants to sleep in our arms all. night. long. I apologize for ever judging other parents who "allow" their kids to sleep in their bed. It's very sweet that Hunter wants to be so close to us. It's also exhausting, but for now, if we want to get any sleep, in our arms it is.


  1. I love all his expressions!
    Beli was the same with her sleeping habits. As soon as I would put her down she would wake up and cry and cry. And to this point she stills occasionally comes into our bed. I'm ok with it. Won't be long before she will want to be 'left alone, kids grow up toooo fast'.

    1. You are so right. This stage doesn't last forever! I shall treasure all the cuddly moments!

  2. Hi Amanda
    He is adorable! With the sleeping thing it was exactly the same with our first-born. And everyone was so disapproving...sometimes you have to take the path of least resistance in order to get any rest at all. But check with your midwife - I think there is a point (10 weeks??) when you can put them down in their own bed and get them used to that. Did that with our second baby and it worked a treat.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! We do try to put him down first thing at "bedtime" so we can enjoy some adult alone time and dinner. Sometimes he sleeps an hour in the bassinet, sometimes he only lasts 10 min. We'll just keep trying. He also occasionally takes naps in the bassinet.

  3. how stinkin cute is he?? ahh!!!! love him! and no being uptight mama bear ;)


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