Switzerland: One of a Kind

Top of Small Music Box (A Final Purchase Before Leaving Switzerland)
It's been a while since I've written about Switzerland, but she's on my mind more often than not. Our short time there really left a mark on me and I'm forever changed. San Diego is my home now, but it's weird to think that Switzerland really was home for us too. I'm where I belong at this time in my life, but I do miss Switzerland. Why? Because she's so darned...

Fastidious -- From laundry room rules to noise ordinances to recycling procedures, Switzerland knows what she wants and how she likes things and that's that. I respect her for it.

Some details... Sometimes when I go to the laundry room at my apartment complex, I think about laundry day at our Swiss apartment. Now, I usually get it all done within 2 hours because there are four washers and four dryers. In Switzerland, we had one washer and dryer, and I hardly ever used the dryer. I hung my clothes on the lines in a special basement room with one of those machines that sucks the moisture out of the air. Laundry day literally took the whole day, and heaven forbid I miss laundry day one week because it would mean that I wouldn't get another chance until the following week. With six apartments in our building and six laundry days available to us (no laundry on Sundays, nope), each apartment signed up for a day. Lest someone else in the building sneak in and take "my" day, I tried to reserve my prefered day on the small calendar in the laundry room as many weeks ahead as I could!

Delicious -- From the cheese to the chocolate, you know what she's famous for, but did you know that her bread is amazing? Butterzopf, Buttergipfel... And will someone please ship me a box of Zweifel Brand Paprika chips/crisps? They're the best!

Precious -- From the medieval villages to the Naive Art of Appenzell, there is so much culture wrapped up in this tiny country. If you've never been, do pay her a visit. Beware, she's expensive yet priceless!

For more about Switzerland, visit Newly Swissed, my go-to source for all things Swiss.


  1. Switzerland doesn't look like a permanent home for us, unfortunately. (We still don't know where our next home will be.) That just makes me think about the cute little things about here, strange as they seem at first, and I wonder if I will bring along with me these acquired habits. For sure, I will miss their immaculate public transport, infrastructure, chocolates, cheeses, and picture-perfect landscapes. Sigh.
    How have you been?

    1. Hi friend! Picture-perfect Switzerland... your next home will have some tough competition :) I've been doing well. Exciting things coming up that I will indeed share on the blog. Soon.

  2. Girl, today is my laundry day. Enough said.

  3. i had to bring back bags of those paprika chips for my brother whenever i visited CH! they are AWESOME! ;)

    1. haha! When my family came out to visit, they became addicted to Paprika chips too! I signed up on http://mmmule.com/ to see if anyone leaving Swizterland and coming to San Diego will bring me back a couple of bags!!


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