People-Watching During Comic-Con

30th Street and El Cajon Blvd.
Perhaps it's a new Freerksen tradition. This is the second year in a row that we hop on the the bus and head to downtown San Diego, CA for an unusual dining experience. The restaurant is a familiar one, but this kind of people-watching comes only once a year: during San Diego Comic-Con International. For one weekend each year, our fine city attracts a diverse crowd of comic book enthusiasts, vampire fans, trekkies, cosplayers, and more.

From our friend's downtown office window we spot folks taking photos with Catwoman, and Spiderman is doing the same just a few block down. 

The energy on the streets is contagious. It almost makes me want to score tickets to next year's convention and actually attend the event. Almost.

5th Avenue and G Street
Dinner at Neighborhood



  1. I've wanted to go too! But because I want to get books (I'm a librarian). I bet the street scenes are quite hilarious around that time.

    1. That weekend, it's the best free entertainment around!

  2. comic con sounds like it's becoming so popular lately, i love it :)


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