The Getty Center Los Angeles

A late spring day in Los Angeles? Nope. New Year's Eve Day, actually. You've gotta love So Cal winter weather, huh? 

Isaiah's mom was out here from Idaho after Christmas last year and we decided to take a day trip to The Getty Center Los Angeles. It was a first-time visit for all of us and definitely worth the long queues in traffic. 

Wandering about the museum grounds and a tour of the architecture are enough to fill an afternoon. As for the art? Too many galleries missed means we'll have to make another trip in the future. I also highly recommend the Getty Villa, which we visited last October. Photos from that trip to come...

Museum Tram

Entrance to the Center

Isaiah and His Momma


  1. Can you believe that despite having lived in LA for 3 1/2 hears I never actually went there? That's what you get for being a workaholic, look back and wonder when, oh when will you have a chance to make up for wasted opportunities? It looks awesome.

  2. Beautiful photos, I love all the sights. i really wish I can visit L.A someday. Isaiah looked sweet with his mom.

    P.S. Would love to swap links with you. :)


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