Fallen Star at the University of California, San Diego

Cool house. Wanna see it? Just head on over to the UCSD campus if you find yourself in (mostly) sunny San Diego, CA

It's called "Fallen Star" and is a permanent art installation created by Do Ho Suh as part of UCSD's Stuart Collection. Since last month, the house is open to visitors. 

Isaiah works at UCSD, so he was able to witness quite a sight last November when a large crane hoisted the little house, which was built from scratch, up onto the top of Jacobs Hall (Jacobs School of Engineering).

Threw my equilibrium off a little while inside -- the only thing standing (I should say hanging) straight inside this house is the chandelier!

Visitor hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am - 2pm. Free.

The cottage is decorated with vintage photos, furniture and memorabilia.

Feels very cozy inside... sort of.

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