Friends in Town: Highlights from a Week with the Germans

As I mentioned previously, our friends were in town visiting us from Munich. I'll be posting in detail about some of the places we visited together, and you should stay tuned for my ultimate guide to San Diego for tourists, inspired by our plans with Franzi and Ralf. Until then, here are some highlights that should top the list when visiting southern California.

Eat Mexican Food and Drink Margaritas! (Casa Guadalajara, Old Town, San Diego)

Do Brunch! (The Pearl, Point Loma, CA)

Ride Bikes (Point Loma, CA)

Eat Fish Tacos (Ocean Beach, CA)

Eat at Hole-in-the-Wall Joints (Mama's Bakery in North Park, San Diego)

Hit the Road and See What's Around: Sedona. AZ

Take in a Sunset (Sedona, AZ)

Take a Hike (Uptown Sedona, AZ)

Catch the Sunrise (Grand Canyon, AZ)

Create Memories (Grand Canyon, AZ)


  1. Beautiful pictures! The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Unforgettable!

  2. Yes! I love it, Casa Guadalajara and South Beach and Sedona! What a trip full of fun!

  3. Hi Carla, thanks! We make sure that friends who come to visit have an unforgettable experience! ;-)

    Hi Martina! A friend just told me she discovered fish tacos even better than the ones at South Beach! I will have to investigate...

  4. oh how fun! you guys did alot! beautiful photos of sedona, and the grand canyon is breathtaking!


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