Quick Grub in North Park: Mama's Bakery

Even Mom and Grandma Joined in on the Fun!
Oftentimes, part of the fun of having friends in town is getting to see one's own city through the eyes of a tourist. Especially fun is if some of your visiting friends have never been to the States. You can have them try things like root beer and watch them scrunch up their faces, "This tastes like something you put in the bath water!" They have to ask for less ice in their drinks. Then there's the look of delight when they realize they needn't pay extra for ketchup! And seeing an American steak for the first time? The reaction is priceless.

Although we saw a lot of what San Diego has to offer (urban life with a small-town feel, farmers' markets, beaches, cycling in the desert, etc.), our main focus as tour guides was food. Our friends ate Mexican food, In-N-Out burgers (animal style, of course), steak prepared rare ("I never knew steak could taste so good!"), deli sandwiches, and fish tacos. They drank a variety of beverages: pink lemonade, root beer, ginger beer, and micro-brewed beer.

One local spot we were happy to take them to was Mama's Bakery in North Park (a community of San Diego). When thinking about where to grab a quick bite, I often forget about Mama's Bakery, but when I do remember, it's always a good thing. Mama's Bakery serves up casual Lebanese fare, such as wraps and shawarma plates, as well as tasty baklava.

The Falafel Wrap

Outdoor Seating for Sunny Days

Mediterranean Cuisine in the Heart of San Diego, CA

Assorted Baklava

Are you hungry yet? If ever you find yourself in San Diego, do stop by Mama's, and take me with you!

For Your Rolodex:
4237 Alabama Street (at El Cajon Blvd.)
San Diego, CA 92104


  1. Awesome! I loved this post because I've had friends visiting me the last couple of weeks and it's been great giving them a tour of my village and seeing it through tourist's eyes, and in August, I'm bringing my husband back to my old home Texas for the first time, I can't wait to see how he sees everything! :-)

  2. i've had friends visit here and it's fun to watch their reaction, but it would definitely be cool to have europeans visit the states for the first time!!
    p.s. we tried that restaurant that you recommended in venice! very good!!

  3. Oh my heavens, I have to try this place!


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