The Pearl: Hotel and Restaurant

I just love the look and feel of this hotel/restaurant/lounge in Point Loma (San Diego, CA). It's vintage yet modern. It's intimate yet lively. AND every first Sunday of the month you get $10 off their bottomless mimosa brunch when you ride your bike there. So ride our bikes we did. All the way from Normal Heights to Point Loma then through Ocean Beach and back home. After bottomless mimosas. Ha!

The brunch portions are not huge, leaving room for lots of OJ and champagne. However, note: If you are like me and need lots of food energy to make a bike go, do not order the french toast. It's delicious, yes, but I found the portion too small. Next time, I'm getting the steak and eggs.

P.S. Although the menu is generally not very budget-friendly, after the $10 discount, $12.50 (plus tax + tip) for food and bottomless mimosas is a steal!
P.P.S. The Pearl is actually promoted as a boutique hotel with a budget-friendly price tag starting at $99/night.
P.P.S. On June 25 the hotel will be hosting a vintage prom benefit. How fun is that?

Parcheesi Anyone?

More Retro Games for Guests' Enjoyment

Empty Glasses Means It's Time to GO!

For Your Rolodex:
1410 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106


  1. WOW, that must have been quite a bike ride :-)

    I love it! If I'm ever in San Diego, I will definitely check it out. The decor is lovely and the vintage games are a nice touch!

  2. This place looks like tons of fun and definitely someplace I would go to if I lived in San Diego - although, picturing myself try to manage a bike after all those mimosas is pretty funny

  3. Hi Elisa - it was. I may not have made it if it weren't for the mimosas. Look me up if you're ever in San Diego!

    Hi Sara - I was kind of a mess after the mimosas but more willing to get on a bike than is normally the case ;)


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