Venissimo is Benissimo: A Fantastic Cheese Shop in San Diego

Anise and Lavender Aged Chèvre
We're pleased, very pleased, with a local cheese shop called Venissimo. Isaiah and I recently spent about $20 on two slivers of cheese, but it was totally worth it. With four locations around San Diego county to serve the cheese-loving community, this shop has it all: tools, classes, and local as well as international cheeses.

Cheese-lovers can register with the shop, and they'll keep track of the cheeses you've purchased so you can try something new the next time you stop in. They even print information about each cheese in your shopping bag, plus suggested wine pairings, right on your receipt!

This time around we tried an Austrian Weinkäse. Oh. my. goodness. Wonderful! The other cheese we tried was an aged anise and lavender chèvre (soft, fresh goat cheese) -- so yummy!


  1. Does this make you miss Switzerland a little less? I know I will be happy to get back to the States, but I will definitely miss many things about Spain and Europe!

  2. Just a little less ;)

    Now if I could just find something around here to satisfy my travel cravings...


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