Favorite White Shirt

Believe it or not, I have clothes hanging in my closet that are a decade old or older. And I still wear them.

In high school, I visited my cousin Melani in Manhattan, and she introduced me to the world of discount shopping known as Century 21. I bought a mauve Nanette Lepore knit skirt that I adore to this day. Later, I moved to New York for school and discovered Daffy's. There I bought a vintage Versace black wrap skirt. Then, during the spring of my sophomore year of college (2001), I studied abroad in Florence and ventured out to the Gucci and Prada outlets in Montevarchi. I really hit the jackpot with this lone white shirt I saw hanging on a rack. My size. Classic. Outlet price. I took that Gucci home with me and haven't looked back! 

There is something to be said for high-quality clothing, don't you think? And I don't just mean designer clothing. I mean clothes that are well made and of durable materials. If you look at clothes as an investment and buy garments that survive the seasons, that scary price tag doesn't look so scary after all. (Within reason, of course. You will never find me buying a garment with a price tag in the four digits.)

Photo details:
My favorite white shirt -- Gucci
Jeans -- Miss Sixty

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  1. This is so true! People try to say it doesn't matter, that there's no big difference...bit the stitching really tells the tale...I agree with you!


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