On Wearing the Same Outfit Three Days in a Row

Vintage Joan and David Brogues
The summer of 2003, my friend Katy and I backpacked through western Europe. During our travels, we had the privilege of staying with Katy's sister's sister-in-law in Rome. A native Italian, she knew where to take us for the best pizza and drinks. It was a great time. Anyway, because we stayed in Rome mid-week, we witnessed every morning how our Italian hostess would dress for work. She wore the same outfit for three days straight: linen trousers and a knit sleeveless top. 

I thought it a bit strange for a couple of reasons. One, aren't the clothes a bit sweaty and grody from the sweltering heat and the pollution from riding on a moped? Two, don't her coworkers say anything or at least notice that she's wearing the same clothes from the day before? Back then it didn't make much sense to me, but after living in Switzerland it made perfect sense. Since I didn't have to go to a workplace and see the same faces Monday through Friday, I could get away with putting on a pair of jeans and a sweater, wearing them all day, and laying them out in the evening to wear again the next day. Wearing the same outfit for a few days in a row means you do less laundry, you need less clothes, and there's less "what am I going to wear today?"

Although I would happily do the same back in the States, I can't get away with it so easily. Why? Because I am a teacher. And kids notice everything. "Teacher, you wore those shoes yesterday." "Why yes, I did, Sally. They're quite comfortable." I could just hear them now, "Teacher, you wore those clothes yesterday. Don't you have anything else to wear?" And you know what? I just don't want to hear it. So instead, I'll keep switching things up.

However... if I didn't care about such comments from my students, I would wear my vintage brogues (above), slim fit jeans and a sweater three days in a row. Or, if I could go out and buy a new outfit, I'd wear something like this:



  1. You know the other reason you can't wear the same outfit three days in a row in the States...no perfumerias (perfume shops). Spain is full of them and you could never smell any B.O. over all the perfume...hahahaha...

  2. I noticed my Mother-in-law doing the same thing when we lived in Croatia. But it makes sense since she worked alone and took turns with her co-workers (they never saw what she wore. I'm glad you pointed this out.


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