Flight Attendants Aren't the ONLY Women Who Wear Silk Scarves!

During a scavenger hunt in Hillcrest a couple of weeks ago, I wore a silk scarf tied like a man's tie. At one point in the evening, someone referred to me as the girl wearing a tie. You know what? I really liked that!

Lately, my favorite way to add a little panache to my work outfits is to wear a silk scarf. Unfortunately, many of my co-workers tease me with comments like, "Your seat can be used as a flotation device." To be honest, one of the reasons I started wearing scarves is because I was inspired by my former employer who is a flight attendant for Swiss airlines. I thought her scarf looked so feminine and classy, so now I wear them too.

Thanks to blogger The Voguette's post on 12 ways to wear an Hermès and some tips from the Brooks Brothers website, I am able to tie my scarves in several fun ways so it doesn't get boring (especially since I must rotate between the four scarves I own, none of which is an Hermès, by the way).

I have two square, medium-sized vintage DVF scarves I scored on ebay; a contemporary DVF I picked up at the Gold Mine in Idaho; and a no-name large, square scarf I found at a consignment shop in La Mesa. 

Here are just a few of the ways I've been wearing them.

The Schoolboy Tie
The Rosette
The French Twist


  1. I will have to read some of those tutorials. You know what, I wore a scarf this Saturday for my Dad's birthday, and I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt wearing it,I took some photos and I liked the result! so hooray for silk scarves!

  2. Yay! Work those silk scarves, girl!

  3. Silk scarves are amazing! They are the MOST versatile accessory. How many accessories can be worn on your head, your wrist, your neck, your waist and even your purse! So amazing!


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