Trier and Velveeta: The oldest city in Germany and some American shopping

A Roman amphitheater, Imperial baths, and great shopping -- no, I am not describing a recent trip to Italy. Instead, I am talking about Trier, located in western Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate state, close to Luxembourg.

"I think I once heard about that city on the History Channel," Isaiah remarked.

That's because Trier is full of history, especially as Germany's oldest city. I, on the other hand, had never heard of Trier and was pleasantly surprised at all there is to see in this remarkable place (photo left -- the Hauptmarkt). Last weekend when Isaiah and I went to visit his sister at the Air Base in Spangdahlem, Germany, she lead us to this city for a little day trip.

Founded in the first century BC, Trier's numerous Roman ruins scattered throughout the city mark its past as part of the Roman Empire. The photo below offers a glimpse of the Imperial baths (Kaiserthermen). Construction of the baths began over 1700 years ago, but was never actually completed.

It is also possible to visit the Amphitheater, the Porta Nigra (below), as well as the Forum Baths .

Here you can see the contrast between the Basilica of Constantine on the left, which dates back to the fourth century AD, and a rococo palace on the right, built in the seventeenth century AD.

For the tourist who wants to take it all in, Trier offers a marked path known as the "Tourist Route," which leads visitors on a self-guided tour of all the major monuments and sights. In addition to visiting Roman ruins, visitors should take in a splendid walk down Neustrasse, leading you to some unique shops, such as Terra Viva that sells these lovely bird feeders.

After our visit to Trier, we headed back to the Air Base where we stopped into an American convenience store. I was in heaven flipping through all the America magazines, with American prices and 10% off the cover price to boot! We also went to the commissary and picked up some T-bone steaks, bacon for breakfast the next day, and my favorite food in a box: Velveeta shells and cheese. I don't care what anyone says -- I love that stuff! What a joy it was to walk up and down the aisles of an American supermarket out in the middle of nowhere Germany.

(Here Isaiah holds my Michael Jackson commemorative edition of Time magazine!)


  1. awesome American find! a nice break from schnitzel, I bet! isaiah looks like he's trying to seduce you one of the pictures, HAHAHAH

  2. Hey Vinh! Nice to see you on the blog! Yes, it was a great American find (though we also had schnitzel on that trip). It's too bad that we can't get on the military bases to buy American things whenever we want. We always need to have Isaiah's sister escort us - I guess we'll just have to make the 6 hour drive and visit her more often...

  3. what an awesome post ! i am totally marking this city on my "to go" list ! olivier and i actually just returned from denmark's oldest village - and it's just fascinating to see, learn about the history and all. but no american supermarket there. wow, what a find - so funny!! :) hope to see you two soon....!


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