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I've had a few readers comment that one of the sections on my blog that they really enjoy reading is "On a Budget." I have also had readers send some great tips and links my way, so I thought I'd compile a list of resources to help those living in Switzerland or coming for a visit to save some francs! The links below, with a few exceptions, are specifically for food and goods. If you know of any other links for service, travel, or dining out deals, please send them my way and I'll add them here. Of course, more links on food and goods are also always appreciated!

Price Comparison Sites: - Popular website for information regarding various insurance companies and banks. Available in English. - Reader NoToM introduced me to this website that compiles all of the current specials at Coop, Migros, Denner, Spar, Volg, and Lidl. A visit here on Tuesdays is a great way to plan your shopping for the rest of the week. (Though, for new specials from Denner you'll want to check the site on Wednesday, and for Lidl you'll want to check on Thursday.) - Reader M'dame Jo suggests this site for price comparisons on electronic goods.

Supermarket Promotions

Coop - The one thing doesn't share is which items have special bonus point offers, so if you're into accumulating Coop Superpunkte, then check out the first link. If you're new to CH and don't know about Superpunkte, click here. Also, you can find out about the current sticker promotion or view the "Preismonitor" status, which provides a monthly update, and currently Coop brand items are slightly cheaper than Migros brand items, but name brand items are slightly cheaper at Migros.

Migros - Here you can view a virtual copy of the Migros Magazine, but only the pages that pertain to special offers, including bonus Cumulus points. If you don't know what those are, click here.

Discount and Liquidation Shops:

Otto's - This is a great place to find inexpensive souvenirs. I've seen SIGG water bottles selling for less than 1/3 of the retail price! It's worth having a look. Also, designer fragrances are near 1/2 the price they are at, say, Manor. With this link you can view a virtual copy of the weekly promotions.

Radikal - Otto's little sister offers inexpensive toys, deep discounts on name brand toiletries, unique food items, with some items cheaper than the chain supermarkets (i.e. dried lentils, rice, etc). A virtual copy of current specials is available online.

Aldi - A variety of specials on food and household goods. New offers every few days.

Online Shops: - Another goodie from M'dame Jo, this site requires you to login to view the items on offer, but registration is quite simple and straightfoward. Current specials include deals on Crocs, CK watches, and Trudeau housewares.

Otto's Webshop - Here you can purchase a variety of discounted items, but not necessarily what you will find in Otto's walk-in shops.

Ricardo - This site offers e-bay style shopping. You can arrange to pick up items or have them posted.

Factory Outlet Shops:

Fox Town - This is actually an outlet shopping center in canton Ticino with 160 shops.

Triumph - The international lingerie brand has three factory outlet shops throughout Switzerland. (Two free standing in Bad Zurzach and Heerbrugg/Widnau and one at the Aubonne Outlet Center, see below.)

Rohner Socks - Find discounts on hiking socks and other hosiery at this outlet shop in Balgach (canton St. Gallen).

Wolford AG - Just over the border in Bregenz, Austria, you'll find this luxury brand's headquarters, factory, and outlet shop. If you are in Austria as a tourist and you spend at least €75.00, you can purchase your items tax-free.

More great links from M'dame Jo are for these two outlet centers in French-speaking CH:
Villeneuve - near Montreux
Aubonne - near Lausanne

Sightseeing and Travel within CH:

M-CUMULUS - Visit this page to see the deals you can get by just showing your Migros Cumulus Card. Current partners Rigi Bahnen AG, Pilatus-Bahnen, Monte-Generoso-Bahn, and Bergbahnen Toggenburg are offering 20% off their prices when you show your card. The offer is good until October 25.

Swiss Budget Hotels
- I found this link on the blog One Big Yodel (check out the author's suggestions for saving money in Switzerland). Find an online booking tool, package deals, and (if you're flexible about where you would like to stay) a special last minute fixed price of Chf 49.50 per person/night at various hotels in CH.


Please be sure to let me know if a link no longer works.


  1. Great resource. Thanks for posting!

  2. I don't know if you have reader living on my side of the country, but there are other outlets nearby

    Villeneuve is near Montreux

    Aubonne is near Lausanne

    And thanks for citing me ;-)

  3. Kathy - You're welcome. Glad to help!

    M'dame Jo - Yes, in fact, other than you, I think I have a few readers in the French speaking parts of CH. I'll be adding those links to the list. Thanks!

  4. Ah... that Preismonitor from Coop was good to see. I have completely gone off Migros in the last couple of years.

    A handy resource for newcomers. Nice work.


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