The QSP: Bio Bündner and a Swiss cheese intensity index

For our cheese purchase this week we returned to an old favorite, only this time I thought we should try a different variety.

The last Bündner Bergkäse we tried was from Migros and came already packaged. Although it was quite intense (kräftig) and delicious, I am always on the hunt for more, and Coop sells a Pro Montagna variety that I have been meaning to buy for months.

This lovely hard cheese, from the Graubünden region, is of the mittelreif instensity, bio (organic), and its sales support local farmers and their families. It's delicately strong flavored, mild odored, and perfect for my cheese platter. I think the next time I pick up a Bündner cheese I'll head to Coop for this exact type.

Bottom line: Everything I expect from a mountain cheese, plus some extra perks.

One last thing -- I thought I'd jot down a list of some of the labels I've come across that "measure" the intensity or maturity of cheese:

kräftig - strong
surchoix -
top choice
mittelreif -
medium maturity
rezent -
tart or sour

Do you know any other labels I should add?

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