Get reduced price goods at Coop, but it'll cost you...

From what I have gathered, two or three times a year Coop supermarket sponsors a special promotion in which customers collect thirty stickers (one for every CHF 10 spent), affix them to a designated card (Sammelkarte), and then redeem the card for deep discounts on a variety of selected goods.

The previous promotional items included creative bakeware by Pyrex. Although I did in fact collect all thirty stickers, sadly I failed to make my way back to Coop in time to exchange the completed Sammelkarte for a bread pan -- rats!

This time around, I was much more determined. The most recent promotion offered glassware by the German label Rosenthal. I had my eye on a beautiful Weindekanter. At the retail price of CHF 76, there is no way I'd pay full price. With a complete Sammelkarte, however, the decanter cost me just CHF 21.90. Yes, that's right, I saved 54.10 and it only cost me CHF 300 in groceries!

Sarcasm aside, I never bought anything at Coop that we didn't need, and it took me the entire promotional period (since late March) to collect thirty stickers, since we mostly shop at Migros. Nonetheless, I consider the Coop promotions to be totally worth it because of the huge discounts you get on high quality goods in exchange for doing your everyday shopping at the supermarket. Now I'm eagerly awaiting the next promotion!


  1. Migros is having a promotion week too. After you check out, you get a scratch off card. I was lucky enough to get 10% off my entire next grocery purchase. That is a rare event in CH so I of course could hardly walk home after my 10% shopping spree!

  2. Hey Chantal! Ha ha! It's a pity that 3 out of my 5 scratch off cards told me "Schade."


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