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Read this post to learn a little more about where I stand as a consumer.

This space is a place for me to list brands I have come across that bear the Made in USA label. I can't be certain that the products are ethically manufactured or if they will stand the test of time, but if I can personally vouch for the quality, you will find an asterisk next to the brand.

Some facts: ABC television hosted a special during the spring of 2011 highlighting this very topic. Analysts concluded that if every American were to spend $60 per year on American-made products, it would create 200,000 manufacturing jobs.

P.S. This list is a work in progress. I will be adding new labels and resources as I learn of them, so check back often! In the case of well-known labels and companies that offer online shopping, I've provided links, otherwise you'll have to do an internet search for shops that carry that brand. (Please note: this is not a sponsored list -- I'm just passionate about supporting American manufacturing.)

If you're interested in doing your part to boost American manufacturing, visit these websites or look for the following labels:

Clothing and Accessories
Etsy -- handmade items from all over the world, not just USA
Steven Alan -- in the search box, type made in USA and you will find several items
Paige Premium Jeans* -- my personal favorite jeans brand
LAmade -- basics similar to American Apparel but a bit pricier and girlier
K.slademade -- leather clutches, key chain fobs
Clover Canyon -- dresses, tops, and more in amazing prints
abacaxi -- new label by young designer, pieces made with vintage/recycled garments
VOOM by Joy Han -- silky, colorful dress and tops
Hayden-Harnett -- leather handbags
Tylie Malibu - leather goods made in CA
Bryna Nicole -- leather handbags
Kris Nations -- jewelry
Alex and Ani -- jewelry
Heather Hawkins -- cuffs and leather handbags
Bodkin -- feminine, tailored garments in neutral colors
Alisha Levine -- silk dresses and tops
AKA -- "ethnic" twist on contemporary styles
Matty M -- silk tops
Tricia Fix -- dresses in feminine prints
Lola & Sophie -- basic Ts with feminine details
Whitney Eve -- yes, the girl from the Hills/the City
Blu Democracy -- eco conscious basics
Babakul -- (which, according to Swirl, is the french term for "hippie") silky rompers and dresses
Alice & Trixie -- cute, flirty tunics and dresses
Between the Sheets -- cute lingerie and PJs

Sven Clogs* -- Retro-style clogs made in Minnesota, similar to the brand Swedish Hasbeens (which hail from Sweden, duh)
CYDWOQ(pronounced "sidewalk") -- shoes made to order in Burbank, CA (On that note: if you order directly from the factory, you may want to call and have a good chat about the style you want to order before they make the shoe, and be prepared to wait a few weeks for the shoes to be ready.)

Although a few of the brands I listed offer goods for guys and gals, most only offer duds for dudettes. If you're a dude, check out this list.

Preserve -- Recycled plastic plates, measuring cups, etc.

Babies and Kids
Jack & Jill Designs
Good Boy Friday
Lapsaky Organics* -- kimono tops, footed pants, gowns, and other basics
Mabo Clothier*
Winter Water Factory -- organic, cool screen prints
Right Bank Babies
Pippen Lane

Maternity and Nursing
Japanese Weekend -- basic tops and dresses
Maternal America -- basic tops and dresses
HATCH Collection -- pricey but beautiful, stylish garments


  1. This is a great list! As I am becoming a more conscientious consumer, I am always on the look out for ethically produced items - especially everyday items! I'm going to look up these sites and add them to my Pinterest board.

    P.S. Glad you loved the Bukenya Fringe Necklace from Noonday Collection... it's definitely my favorite!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. Check back, as I hope to be updating this list often!


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