Words Paloma's Way Volume 2

Making snow angels for the first time!
mar-ball = marble (just like her brother!)

At the doctor for her 3-year check-up...
Dr: What do you like to play?
Paloma: Basketball. (She has probably played with the neighbors only about 2 times in her life -- guess we should do that more often!)
Dr.: When you play basketball, what do you do, dribble or shoot the ball?
Paloma: Dribble.
Dr: What else do you like to play?
Paloma: Playground.
Dr: Do you run around on the playground with your brother?
Paloma: Yes.
Dr: Who runs faster, you or Hunter?
Paloma: Me!

"Mommy, do you want to smell my mouth? It's gonna be good!"

We were at the doctor's office and there was a baby blowing raspberries. We all stopped and adored her. A couple of days later Paloma asked, "Do you remember the baby that was spitting strawberries?"

Her response when she hears about something exciting, "Yahoo!!"

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