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Please note: This post contains Sseko Designs affiliate links. When you make a purchase via one of these links, you not only support my small business, you help earn bonus scholarship badges so my sole sister Shakira can attend college in the fall. Click here to learn more about Sseko's mission. 

Whether you're looking to treat yourself, send hints to someone who wants to spoil you this Mother's Day, or you want to spoil a special mom in your life, I can think of no better gift to give than something handmade from Sseko Designs. A gift from Sseko is made by women, for women, to educate and empower women stateside, in Uganda, and beyond! It's a gift that keeps on giving, really. 

For a new fashionista mama who is all about matching mommy and me outfits, feast your eyes on our latest capsule collection: baby sandals. These sandals are limited edition and currently only available through Sseko Fellows like me, so use this link to access the secret page on our website.

Items in the shown in the photo are: Caramel Leather Stitched Ribbon Sandals, Painterly Chiffon Ribbons (adult size), Baby Sandals, and Baby Painterly Ribbons.

Another great gift for Mother's Day is our Brave Jewelry, which allows a woman to tell her unique story through simple accessories. She can wear multiple charms or pieces that represent different milestones in her life or express different personality traits, or she can wear one piece at a time to channel a mood, goal, or other sentiment. Last Mother's Day, my friend's husband gave her a Brave bracelet with a "b" hex initial charm and a "g" hex initial charm, one for each of her sons. As for me, I like wearing my Brave earrings with Patience pieces when I am around my two young children ;)

(Shop the site using this link: Thanks for your support!)

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