Are You a Sucker or a Collector?

I'm a sucker for quite a few things. I know what I like, and I am drawn to those things again and again. If I see them in a shop, I have to gawk and ooh and aah, but I don't need them. Collectors, though, are suckers to the extreme. My dad was a collector. He collected Mont Blanc pens, vintage woodworking planes, and Skagen watches. He just couldn't have enough, especially if he could get them for a good price. I used to collect Barbie dolls. Isaiah would probably say I have a breton (sailor stripes) tee collection, but I actually wear all my breton tees, and I feel like collectors don't really use all the stuff they collect, right? If I had loads of money, I would probably collect Matryoshkas. Seriously! I would love a set with 10 dolls!! For now, I am just a sucker for them. So, yeah, I am a sucker for...

1. Breton stripes -- I am actually kind of snobby about my stripes. Although I wear stripes of all kinds, I especially love stripes that alternate between thick and thin. My favorites are from Saint James, Amour Vert, and Polarn O. Pyret. I can relate to every single one of these signs you're addicted to striped tees. Especially #9. I have purchased or purchased and resold on ebay 10 Saint James tees and am still searching for the perfect one.

2. Clogs -- I got my first pair of clogs in the 6th grade. They were black leather with a black base. Up until last year, I had four pairs of clogs, but I got rid of two pairs because I got on this barefoot movement kick. In general, though, I am all about moderation, so I couldn't give up clogs all together. If I wear clogs one day, the next day I will wear more flexible shoes. My favorites are from Sven, BRYR, and Lotta from Stockholm. 

3. Stationary -- I love buying notebooks and stationary sets for letters that I will never write. I especially love the little sets with floral motifs that are made in Florence and sold at tourist traps in Italy. Feast your eyes on these!

4. Wooden Toys -- I talked a bit about my obsession here. If I had loads of money, I would probably collect little wooden animals made in Switzerland. 

5. Nautical motif -- I already mentioned sailor stripes on t-shirts, but I also like anchors and sailor stripes on just about anything else. I would never actually decorate my house this way (unless I had a beach house, then, well...), but for whatever reason, I just want all the things with anchors on them. Oh yeah, and wide-leg sailor pants!

Some honorable mentions: second-hand shopping (flea markets, thred-up, consignment shops, baby resale stores, goodwill, vintage shops -- you name it), fair trade brands, farmers' markets, and book stores.

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