Top 3 Things I Miss About San Diego

I am going going back back to Cali Cali! Next month we will be going back to San Diego for a visit! Besides the obvious things I miss like my family and friends and the SUNSHINE, I am looking forward to the following things that I miss so so much...

(By the way, the irregular sized photos in this post are from a "Guide to San Diego" post that had been sitting in my Drafts folder for YEARS and will now, sadly, ever happen.)

1. The Mexican Food: Yes, there is Mexican food here, and it is OK. Kind of weird actually. All the burritos are "wet." Like you have to eat them with fork and knife. I don't wanna do that! (Rancho's in San Diego serves them wet, but you have to request it that way and you have a choice of sauces.) And yes, I have had Mexican food in Mexico (Mexico City to be exact), and it was great, but the type of Mexican food I miss is SoCal Mexican food. Fish tacos!! The restaurants in Old Town!! Taco shops that end in "-berto's"!!

2. The Year-round Farmers' Markets: The Little Italy farmers' market is one of my favorites. Whenever I go there, there is something yummy to eat, sunshine to soak up, and plenty of locally grown produce. I get that the climate in Seattle makes it tricky to have farmers' markets in the winter, so I am not complaining. It's just that I think it's awesome that so many crops grow well in So Cal all year long!

3. The Beach Communities: Luckily, I live near a giant lake, so there are beaches here. And the Pugent Sound isn't far either, so there is salt water nearby, but what I love love love about San Diego is the variety of beach communities. You want laid back and diverse? Go to Imperial Beach. Hippy and quirky scene? Ocean Beach. College night life? Pacific Beach. Kid-friendly? La Jolla Shores. Upscale? Del Mar. Crunchy? Leucadia and Encinitas. Maybe that exisits here too, I just haven't figured it out yet.

Honorable Mention: Balboa Park! One thing I love about Balboa Park is most of the museums I want to visit in San Diego are all located in that park. Having them all clustered together just makes it easier to find them, park, and visit more than one. Museums in Seattle are spread out all over the place!

See you soon, San Diego!

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