Words Hunter's Way Volume 2

And now for some more Hunter-isms!

Isaiah: Time to get out of the bath, buddy.
Hunter: "But I am having a good time."

Some of the various replies we've heard to the question: What are you doing?
-"Working on the railroad."
-"I'm singing the monster truck song!"

While making a lather with the hand soap at a public restroom, he smells his hands and declares, "Mmm. It smells like good."

While riding to school, he hears Paloma sneeze. He looks over and sees she has no socks. He starts, "Mommy? When you get back home, you need to put shoes on the baby. Ok? Do that."
Thanks for the reminder, buddy. I will do that.
"So she doesn't get sick. OK?"
That's a good idea, Hunter. I will do that.

"yogret" for yogurt

On Monday morning, on our way to school, "Is it the weekend?" (He gets to watch TV at the weekends.)

Whenever he is scolded, through tears, "I want my grandparents!"

"The baby is knocked out!"
"Knocked out means she is sleeping." (Guess we use this expression a lot!)

Outside at his easel painting, "This is all damaged!"
I come out to see what the fuss is all about, Hunter, your painting is so beautiful!
"No it's not. I am pretending that it's a piece of junk."

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