Conscious Consumerism: Children's Clothing by Tea Collection

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When Hunter was a baby I took him to one of those baby sign language intro classes. There was another mom there whose baby was dressed so well, wearing the cutest cardigan, dress, and leggings. I told her as much, and she said, "You have to check out Tea Collection." Well, I did, and I remember thinking how cute everything was and also how out of our budget those prices were. Fast forward a couple of years, and a Tea Collection ad came up on Facebook a month or so before Christmas, and I was hooked. (Truth be told, I only bought items from the sale section plus an extra discount. We may be on a budget, but I like to buy nice things for our children, so I hit up the sales like crazy!)

The main thing that attracted me were the graphic teas, which are one of their best sellers. Hunter has already discovered the world of Marvel comics and Star Wars T-shirts, and if he had a choice, I am sure he would wear his Spider Man hoodie every day. (He actually does have a choice, but I keep it in the car -- out of sight out of mind.) I am just not so crazy about all the violence in those franchises, so I'd prefer that he has travel-inspired tees to choose from. Tea Collection definitely delivers. For Christmas, from their Argentina collection, he got a long sleeve tee with horses on it and a short sleeve tee with a motorcycle. When their spring collection inspired by Italy came out, he got a skateboard tee and a snake tee. He LOVES these tees, and even talks about the colors. (He is digging orange lately.) I don't have a problem getting him to wear these tees, but a graphic tee is just a graphic tee, right? Maybe, but there is definitely more to Tea than just great looking graphics and tees.

As I started to explore the Tea Collection site more and more, not only did I discover their adorable globally-inspired styles, but I also discovered that Tea is a company with a conscience. First, they give back to non-profit schools twice a year (February and October) by offering a fundraiser program. I organized the fundraiser at Hunter's school this year. Shoppers get a discount and free shipping, and Tea donates a percentage to the school based on sales made using a unique code. Additionally, they are partners with The Global Fund for Children, which you can read all about here. Tea even donates a soccer jersey to a child in Italy, Haiti, Peru or the U.S. for every soccer jersey purchased. Furthermore, Tea is committed to working with ethical manufacturing partners, which you can read more about here.

Finally, I love that the clothing is made to last and I can pass everything down to my nephew!

Tea's huge sale going on for the 4th of July starts today. Take an extra 40% off their sale items with code EXTRA40. Shop girls, boys, baby girls, and baby boys!

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