Paloma at 8 Months

Our sweet little girl continues to be a very happy baby. During her eighth month she started clapping her hands, sprouted a second tooth, and showed some interest in crawling (while seated, she puts her arms out, rolls almost to her knees, and rocks back and forth). She is very curious about tasting different foods, but not so interested in eating much. (I will do a BLW post soon.)

Paloma has always been a talker, but lately she's been saying "boof" a lot. "Boof" I am bored. "Boof" let's play. "Boof" pay attention to me. Gah, I just love it! Her new favorite syllable is "ma" but she only seems to utter it when she is offended by something. With a pouty bottom lip, she'll look at me and say "mamamama." If I didn't know any better, I would think she was actually calling for me ;)

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