New Month's Resolutions: June

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Late again... Maybe my goal for this whole month is just to find some motivation. Motivation to get 'er done. And by 'er I mean anything, everything, something!! OK, to be fair to myself, May was a productive month: I finished reading a book (more on that later), I submitted a photo to Zutano's photo contest and WON, I wrote and submitted two stories to Red Tricycle, I booked 3 Sseko Trunk Shows and held one, I took Paloma to 2 auditions, and I started juicing!

However, I just CANNOT seem to get motivated to work on my book. I let a lot of other things get in the way. In addition to finishing my stories for Red Tricycle, I pitched a new story that I need to submit by the end of June. All that writing is definitely taking up time I could be using to write my book, so there's that.

Another thing I have no motivation to do is my core exercises. I had resolved to start again this month, and on June 1 I did the exercises and felt great! Then the 2nd came, nothing, the 3rd, the 4th... I have not done them since the 1st. I did, however, get outdoors a lot with Paloma, especially at the weekends as a family.

One thing I am very focused on is continuing to build my parenting skills. I finished reading Siblings Without Rivalry and I am so glad I can approach parenting Hunter with a new perspective. I am going to be easy on myself for the rest of this month. Most likely my goals will be very simple throughout the summer too since I will be home with my two little ones (like 1. Survive 2. Take a shower 3. Do fun things with the children).

Write one last Red Tricycle story. If I am really going to give my book a chance, I need to stop writing for other people, so I will write the story I pitched for June and then I won't pitch any more stories. I feel bad because I just started up again, but the editor is moving away later this summer and leaving her position, so the timing for me to stop contributing is now.

Participate in daily outdoor activities. Hunter only has one more week of school left, so I see lots of daily walks or trips to the park or beach. It will be good to get out of the house as weather permits, but this month I also really need to figure out how to get motivated to do my core exercises. I WILL start again July. For real this time! The only thing I can think of so far is to get a buddy to keep me accountable. Any other ideas?

Continue to build my parenting skills. I am reading Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids (by the author of my favorite parenting website Aha! Parenting), so the plan is to finish that and put it all into practice as much as possible So, yeah, my goal is not just to survive but thrive. :)

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