Paloma at 6 Months

Seriously, SLOW DOWN, baby girl. How has half a year already passed us by? This girl continues to be the most chill baby there ever was (before 5 pm, that is -- poor Papi, he gets home shortly before Paloma's "witching hour" begins). Whenever we hang with friends, we can pass her around the party and she is happy as can be. She is starting to roll over a bunch, tummy to back and back to tummy. We've started propping her up with pillows to practice sitting up, which she really enjoys. She's also been doing happy-baby pose (grabbing both feet while lying on her back). Finally, I started giving her sticks of food to gnaw on like carrots and celery. For now, food is just for fun, like a teething toy. I have spoon fed her a little avocado and banana, and she's not terribly interested, so we're not in a huge rush to dive right into solid food (though we will do baby-led weaning again like last time). Happy half birthday, sweet Paloma (5 days ago...)!

And some bonus pictures copyright and courtesy of Julie Rings Photography...

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