New Month's Resolutions: April

I know we're already one week into the month of April, but I am determined to set some goals for the remaining few weeks. Last year this time we were in Italy going through some tough stuff, and I didn't set any goals for April. It was the only month out of the whole year that I didn't write a resolutions post. The thought crossed my mind, April is my birthday month, maybe I should give myself a freebie... but even though these goals might be a chore to write out sometimes, I really do enjoy setting them. They give me some focus and clarity and that is good.

So how did I do with my March goals?

Read, read, read. I did do some reading! I read skimmed through a YA novel called Sublime. I wanted to pay attention to the "steamy" scenes to get an idea of how YA writers write about love. (Heads up, it's pretty innocent, but 14-year-old me would have thought it was a bit steamy.) I also started reading another one called This Raging Light (which by the way makes a very humorous Hunter S. Thompson reference, scoring points in my book but also has me scratching my head because I am not sure many young adults know who he is). Oh yeah, and I FINALLY finished writing in my pregnancy journal. (Truth be told, I wrote in it a couple of days ago and may or may not have waited to write this post until after I could finally check that off the list.)

Do core strengthening exercises daily. The plan was 2 weeks of core strengthening work before starting the workouts (which I did in February), then March would have been 4 weeks of the 15-minute workout, and then in April I would start the 30-minute workout and do that for 6 weeks. Well, I lasted about 2 weeks and lost motivation again. Ugh. I don't think I went out walking once. What the heck did I do all month?

Be a better mami to Hunter. There were some definite baby steps in the right direction with this one. I stuck to my cleaning plan 3 out of the 4 weeks of March -- last week just didn't happen because Hunter was on spring break. I also completed the present mind mama challenge thing. It was easy to stick to and has helped me be a bit more organized with my to-dos.

Overall, it was a good month and I feel somewhat accomplished. Isaiah noticed the cleanliness of the house and so did I, of course. When the house is tidy, it puts me in a good mood. I also started a new little side gig that I will be sharing here on the blog soon.

As for my goals for April, everything is pretty much the same. I am just going to keep the same three goals. I want to finish This Raging Light (as well as two other books I checked out from the library). I want to continue with my exercises, only this time I am not going to get all down on myself if I don't do them every single day. This week I switched to the 30-minute workout and my core is sore, which makes it feel more like I am doing something and making a difference, which in turn is the motivation I need to keep up this whole thing. I even went out for a walk on Tuesday! (It felt good, and I need to do it more. Damn you errands!) Well, yesterday was wash-the-linens day and I didn't get to it, so that is what I am going to go do now. Then we're going out for pizza for dinner tonight! Yay!

Have a good weekend and a wonderful month of April, friends!

P.S. Can you believe I took Hunter to get a haircut last Monday? That photo above is from a couple of days ago. Yes, he has a lion mane for hair!


  1. I hear you! I do find setting monthly goals so helpful in focusing on things I want to accomplish. Otherwise I get so busy dealing with the everyday stuff that I get to the end of them month tired but with a feeling of having accomplished nothing at all!
    Good luck on your goals this month. Hugs!

    1. Yes! I never liked that feeling at the end of the month wondering where the time went and what I did with myself. At least goal setting keeps me in check by reminding me, hey at the end of the month you had better have something crossed off your list!


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