Top 3 Favorite Baby Accessories

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When it comes to the big business of baby products, it can get a little overwhelming, especially for new parents. From shopping cart covers to infant car seat covers, there's definitely no shortage of gear for every situation. What do I really need? What can I live without? I really couldn't answer that until I was in the thick of it with baby Hunter and would send someone to the store for this and that while I stared at a pile of stuff that would probably never get used. This time around, I have discovered some baby accessories that I didn't even know about with Hunter, and I'm finding them to be pretty indispensable. 

Muslin Cloths

Most of us are familiar with fabulous Aden & Anais muslin swaddling blankets with all their wonderful uses (light blanket, stroller shade, burp cloth, nursing cover, etc.), but have you ever wished you had the same type of cloth in a smaller size? Well, they exist! I had some organic cotton ones sent from Switzerland (I first read about them here, called Nuscheli), but then I discovered you can find small muslin squares and muslin "minis" (because they are basically mini muslin blankets) on Amazon! If you'd like to read more about their myriad uses, check out this post

We love them (yes, even Isaiah thinks they're a great baby product) to use as bibs and burp cloths. I just fold them into a triangle shape, and then fasten them to baby like a bandana. They are super absorbent, soft, and dry quickly! If tying a bandana isn't your thing, try these snap bandana bibs or snap traditional bibs by Aden & Anais. Paloma has already started drooling a ton, and I hate bibs with velcro, so I am super glad to have discovered these cloths.

Booties by Zutano
(image courtesy of Zutano)

I generally don't like putting crib shoes on a baby, but sometimes a shoe-like foot covering is necessary. In the cooler months, socks alone don't really keep baby's feet warm, so these booties are the perfect solution. They are dangerously cute and look like shoes, but are soft and cozy like socks. Plus, these booties stay on baby's feet surprisingly well. 

Lately, I have been going out for walks with Paloma while wearing her in a baby carrier, and her feet can get really cold. These booties help to keep her feet from freezing, but the warmth factor could be improved. My trick with these booties is that I use them inside out with the fleece on the inside. Paired with socks, they definitely keep Paloma's feet warmer than socks alone. Stay tuned for a full review of these booties in a future post (and another post with a Zutano giveaway)!

Pilot Cap by Hanna Andersson

(image via
When I was pregnant, I stopped by HA to pick out a special going home outfit. I knew most my baby's clothes would be hand-me-downs, which I love, but I still wanted an outfit that would be especially for him or her, so I got a kimono top and wiggle pants in gender-neutral pebble (a soft brown) from their layette collection. I also bought their best ever first socks in pink and pebble as well as a pink pilot cap, just in case the baby was a girl. On the day Paloma left the hospital, I dressed her in this outfit with the pink socks and the pink hat. That pilot hat quickly became my go-to hat. It's made of wonderfully soft organic cotton and perfectly covers baby's ears. Paloma quickly outgrew the newborn size, so I got the next size up and plan to get more in other sizes and colors. 

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