Paloma at Three Months

I know you're not supposed to compare your children to one another, but as I write Paloma'a update, I can't help but look back at what Hunter was up to around the same time. Paloma's night schedule is very similar to Hunter's at this age (4-hour stretch, nurse, 3-hour stretch, nurse, etc.; in P's case sleep 8-12, nurse, sleep 'til 3, nurse, sleep 'til 6, nurse and up for the day). The major difference is my memory of that time with Hunter was that it was so HARD, and I find myself saying Paloma is easy. Oh, thank goodness for a little experience and perspective.

A little chatterbox, Paloma has been cooing and gurgling since she was about 6 weeks old, but during her 3rd month, it's like she found her voice because now she is really loud. I love it! Like Hunter at this time, Paloma has discovered her hands. Actually, she discovered her left hand. She stares at it almost the whole day, bringing all her fingertips together (just like Italians do when they say "mamma mia"). She loves watching Hunter be silly himself. He brings big smiles to her face, and he and daddy can make her giggle, too. Though not quite the big baby belly laughs you see on YouTube videos, they are genuine giggles, which is so sweet to watch. From one day to the next she became a fan of "strong girl" (what we call tummy time; see photo below), so she can see the world from a new perspective now. All in all, she continues to be a joy. We look forward to seeing how she develops during her 4th month.

P.S. I know I mentioned in my previous post that I generally don't like to put crib shoes on a baby. That was 100% true for Hunter. For Paloma, this photo shoot was definitely an exception to the rule. I bought those little white shoes while I was in Italy the summer of 2006, so I just HAD to put them on her!


  1. your baby is beautiful ,love her little outfit

  2. Absolutely adorable baby! Makes me want to have one more!


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