Paloma at Two Months

Boy, has our girl changed since last month! She is giving us genuine big girl smiles these days. She is her happiest in the morning right when she wakes up. She doesn't really have a sleep/eat schedule yet, but she wakes up for the day between 6 and 6:30 am, and when she wakes, she wants to be up and at 'em! Isaiah comes up to her at the changing table and says, "It's papi!" and she wrinkles her eyes to give a huge gummy grin. Melts the ice caps, I tell you!

Paloma was very interested in her octahedron mobile during her second month, staring at it for a good five minutes or so before looking away. At around 6 weeks, she found her voice and started chatting up a storm. My favorite thing is that it's like we're really having a conversation. Papi will ask how her day was, and she will answer back with a slew of gurgles and coos. She continues to nurse 'round the clock and she hates the car seat, which she's in twice a day so we can take Hunter to and from school, making for some interesting drop-offs and pick-ups. No matter because we are crazy about her!

Also... my children are twins born 3 years apart!

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