A Three-Year-Old at Christmastime

It has been a pleasure to watch Hunter soak in all that is Christmastime. Last year, he couldn't care less about Christmas, but this year he is all about Santa Claus (for us he's just the Christmas man -- we're not going to do the whole SC brings presents to all the children all over the world -- sorry folks). He was so excited to take a photo with him. He says, "That's Santa Claus! He's a nice guy." He loves looking at the lights and ornaments on our tree (and he doesn't mind that it's artificial). He had a great time walking around a local neighborhood looking at holiday lights and drinking hot chocolate. He is looking forward to making a gingerbread house today. Early this week when he woke up one morning, I told him it was four more sleeps until Christmas, and he asked to go back to bed! It's a magical time, especially when I see it all through Hunter's eyes.

I love these photos of my boy. He's going through my one box of ornaments that I have saved over many years. Most of them are actually from my childhood. He examines each one with wonder. Then he helps decorate the tree for the first time ever.

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