Paloma at One Month

My little girl is one month old! OK, technically she turned 5 weeks yesterday, but I will probably always be delayed with these posts, so there you have it. What was she up to this month? She's been a pretty easy baby, nursing around the clock. For the first couple of weeks she made herself cry by pulling her own hair. She'd get a hold of a chunk and try to pull her hand away but couldn't. Poor thing. She's making lots of eye contact with us, and even by the 4-week mark she was starting to smile, like a real smile. Almost! 

Like Hunter as a newborn, Paloma has a very strong neck and also likes listening to music, though she prefers classical (funny since I listened to a lot of Daft Punk while she was in the womb). Unlike Hunter, she actually sleeps some stretches at night in her bassinet, but we are definitely doing a bit of co-sleeping around here. Again. We, thankfully, did not have to deal with the crazy force-feeding like we did with Hunter, but it did take a her a bit longer to get back to birth weight (2 weeks -- probably because it took a little while for my milk to come in and supply get established). No worries, though, because she's gaining over an ounce a day. Our little champ! 


  1. paloma is gorgeous! you guys make pretty babies :) move to switzerland so we can all play together!
    i think this is only my 4th whole30 (in 3 years, haha!)! but i try to eat paleo all the time if im the one cooking and can get it together to plan,haha! its super easy this time :)

  2. She's beautiful, Amanda! You have such a lovely family!


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